About Us

The McConnell Colorectal Center provides the expertise and service of lead colorectal surgeon Dr. Elizabeth McConnell.

The competent and friendly office staff includes:

      • Meryl Salit, Group Practice Administrator
      • Denise Arias, Business Manager
      • Jessica Cerda, Medical Assistant
      • Jessica Hernandez, Medical Assistant
      • J D Ray, Surgery Scheduler
      • Marcella Martinez, Front Office Assistant
      • Kathy Scherb, Arizona Outpatient Administrator
      • Bonnie Warner, RN, Arizona Outpatient Nurse Administrator and Director of Nursing

What's in a Logo?

Mission Statement

  • Our Mission is to treat every patient as an individual, to recognize that the healthcare need of each patient is different and quality of life is as important as quantity of life.  We work with a team of highly trained and certified doctors, nurses, and health personnel in facilities that are focused on infection prevention and innovation.  We wish to provide healthcare and limit time spent in sickcare.  We do this by preventing or eliminating diseases through the use of screening colonoscopy and anal pap smears.  Thus we will keep ourpatients healthy, happy and enjoying life.



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Dr. McConnell is associated with a number of hospitals in the Phoenix area.