Dr. Notes

early colonoscopyAND NOW A NOTE FROM DR. McCONNELL

Poor Richard's Almanac for the Anus by Elizabeth McConnell inspired by Benjamin Franklin

Treat Your Anus Like Your Eyeball

Diarrhea is the Sunshine of the Anus - Stop it to protect yourself

Only Water on the Anus

It takes a Village to care for a Patient

Who is your Village: Your primary care, hospital, pathologist, anesthesiologist, hospitalist.....dr-notes-undy500

Your Goal is a Yellow Banana

Goldilocks and the Three Stools: the yellow banana is just right

Don't polish your anus

Don't Burn your anus with Diarrhea

The Perfect Stool: Fiber and Bacteria

Did you know that Dr. Oz had his own colonoscopy?  dr_oz06sm

Know before you go colonoscopy

Arizona Department of Health on Colorectal Cancer