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The da Vinci Surgical System Robotic Surgery

Dr. McConnell is one of few colon and rectal surgeons in the nation performing minimally invasive surgery (MIS) assisted by the da Vinci Robot. The da Vinci Robot is a new alternative to using endoscopic and laparoscopic instruments, which can be inserted through small incisions. The da Vinci Robot can perform more complicated surgeries that…
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Welcome to the McConnell Colorectal Center

McConnell Colorectal Center Healthy Living - Good health is directly related to colon health, screening, and prevention Preventative Screening - Screening and surveillance, especially for those patients who are at high risk, allows for early detection and cure for patients with colon polyps or colorectal cancers Convenient Locations - We have a number of convenient…
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The Top Five Excuses For Putting Off A Colonoscopy

Did you know? The Top Five Excuses for putting-off a Colonoscopy: Busted!  Read on!! 1. It Won’t Happen To Me. Many people think that just because cancer has not run in their family that they will not be at risk. Colon cancer is one of the top three deadliest cancers in the United States. More…
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