Indications for Colonoscopy

Have you had a polyp identified and you where told you needed a colectomy to remove the polyp?


Get a second opinion from Dr McConnell.  Dr McConnell has one of the largest series in the United States of colon polyps that were designated unresectable colonoscopically at other Centers and were removed colonoscopically at the McConnell Colorectal Center.

If you want to keep your colon call Dr McConnell!

Should you have a colonoscopy?

    • There has been a 90% increase in colon cancer in patients 15-45.
    • Are you aged 40, start thinking about it, if your are 50, it's a must, if you are older, you will wish you had it earlier?
    • Have you experienced any rectal bleeding in the last year?
    • Have your bowel habits changed in the last year?
    • Do you have frequent diarrhea?
    • Do you have a personal or family history of colon cancer or polyps?
    • Do you have a history of Breast Cancer?

If you answered YES to ANY of the six questions OR have not had a colonoscopy during the past ten years, we recommend that you discuss the possibility with your physician.

Schedule a Colonoscopy

Dr. McConnell performs colonoscopies on most days of the week to enhance patient convenience. To schedule your colonoscopy, please email us or call 602-253-4271, Ext. 1004.

Screening and Surveillance

Colorectal cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, can be prevented before it starts. And when it's caught at the earliest stage, the treatment success rate is greater than 90 percent. Both prevention and successful treatment require regular screenings — a health check that many avoid. Fewer than four in 10 eligible people undergo regular colorectal screenings.

Screening and surveillance are the best approach to early detection and cure of colorectal cancer as well as other diseases of the colon, rectum and anus.

Bowel Prep Video (English Version)

Bowel Prep Video (Spanish Version)

COLONOSCOPY: The colonoscopy is the Gold Standard for colon cancer screening, proven better than either flexible sigmoidoscopy and barium enema OR virtual colonoscopy. A colonoscopy examines the entire colon and rectum. The colonoscopy’s greatest advantage is the ability to biopsy and/or remove most polyps from the entire lining of the colon and rectum without having to perform abdominal surgery.

Patients with little to no risk of colon cancer should have their first colonoscopy at age 50, and then every 5 – 10 years thereafter. Patients considered at high risk for colon cancer should begin having regular colonoscopies before age 50.

Download and print the Bowel Preparation Instructions:

Locations for Colonoscopies

Our physicians perform colonoscopies at the following locations:

      • Arrowhead Hospital
      • John C. Lincoln North Mountain
      • John C. Lincoln Deer Valley
      • Banner Thunderbird Hospital
      • Arizona Outpatient Surgery
      • Arrowhead Pain and Endoscopy Center
      • Banner Thunderbird Surgicenter
      • The Surgicenter