Q: Who do I call for billing?

A: For specific billing questions, please call 602-792-5765

Why do I have a statement sent to me before my insurance is billed?

Our statements are generated automatically every week. It may be that you receive a statement prior to the time your insurance company actually was notified of your visit. In this circumstance you are not expected to send a payment unless you have not paid your co-pay or patient portion at the time of service.

What is a "Medicare Waiver"?

There can be times where Medicare does not cover a test or procedure. Medicare will only pay for services that it determines to be "REASONABLE & NECESSARY" according to Section 1862(a)(1) of the Medicare Law. Your physician may order lab tests which they feel are recommended for you but Medicare may deny payment for that service. If this service is denied for payment from Medicare, you, the patient, agree to be responsible for payment for these services personally and fully, in a timely manner.  It is also known as an ABN.

How can I pay for my bill?

We accept Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and personal check with proper I.D.

Q: Privacy Policy?

A: Please see our Privacy Policy.

Q: How can I reach my physician if I have questions or problems?

A: Dr. McConnell, or a physician covering for her, is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Call the office 602-253-4271 and if the office is closed the service will reach her.

She will call patients, referring physicians, emergency rooms and hospitals back within 15 minutes or the service will call you back.

Dr. McConnell would like to hear from you early - even if you think it might be problem - rather than too late.

Every phone call is important.

You will be heard.

Q: Missed Appointments or Cancellations

busy_on_the_runA: We are all busy and on the run.....

If you are unable to keep your appointment or are going to be delayed, we ask that you please call our office.  We do have an auto attendant that is used to remind you of your upcoming appointment and also if you missed an appointment, however ultimately it is your responsibility as a patient to know when your appointment is.

If you fail to show for two appointments, we reserve the right to refuse scheduling or rescheduling of your appointment.


How do I request medication?


Please call your pharmacy to request any medication refills.