The da Vinci Surgical System Robotic Surgery

Dr. McConnell is one of few colon and rectal surgeons in the nation performing minimally invasive surgery (MIS) assisted by the da Vinci Robot.

The da Vinci Robot is a new alternative to using endoscopic and laparoscopic instruments, which can be inserted through small incisions. The da Vinci Robot can perform more complicated surgeries that are too difficult for the laparoscopic approach. Using the da Vinci Robot, the surgeon creates smaller incisions (8mm or 1/3 inch) resulting in less scarring, blood loss and pain. Patients experience fewer complications, shorter hospital stays and quicker return to daily activities.

The da Vinci Robot-assisted surgery also provides more precision than most laparoscopic surgery, partly because it gives the surgeon 3-D versus 2-D images. This allows the surgeon to more accurately target surgical areas, causing less threat to surrounding tissues and organs. From a console next to the patient, the surgeon guides surgical instruments from hand grips, which remotely operate multiple arms. The 3-D images are displayed above the surgeon’s head and magnified 10 times actual size. This not only helps the surgeon see the tiniest details of the patient’s anatomy but it also gives the illusion that the tips of the instruments are an extension of the control grips.

Dr. McConnell performs colon and rectal surgery assisted by the da Vinci Robot at Arrowhead, Baptist and John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital. Please contact the McConnell Colorectal Center for more information on this surgical method that improves clinical outcomes that are redefining standards of care.

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