The Top Five Excuses For Putting Off A Colonoscopy

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  • The Top Five Excuses for putting-off a Colonoscopy: Busted!  Read on!!

    1. It Won’t Happen To Me.

    Many people think that just because cancer has not run in their family that they will not be at risk. Colon cancer is one of the top three deadliest cancers in the United States.

    More than genetics, high fat diets and an unhealthy lifestyle are actually the biggest factors in an increased risk of colorectal cancer. With that said, you can still be at risk even if it doesn’t run in the family.

    2. It Will Pass.

    Many people have digestive issues and like to blame it on other factors. Some try changing their diet or going gluten free for a period of time to see if symptoms go away, and while your bowel issues may be due to a dietary habit, you won’t know for sure unless you actually get checked.

    The longer you go without being checked, hoping that the symptoms will just “go away” the more you are increasing your risk for having a polyp turn into something worse, like colon cancer. If you have any abnormal digestion issues, consult a gastroenterologist before trying to self-diagnose. Having a professional opinion might actually save your life.

    3. I am Afraid of the Cleanse.

    Yes, we know all about it, the colon cleansing process can be intimidating. But trust us, it is not nearly as bad as it seems. In fact, we actually had one of our own patients put together a video of the process before her last colonoscopy. Check out this video to get more insight into what actually happens before, during and after the cleanse.

    4. I Just Turned 50, I Still Have More Time Right?

    It is highly suggested that once you turn 50 you have regular colonoscopies. But, many people wait till they are in their 60's to get their first one. The thought of a colonoscopy can be scary for some people and so they put it off as long as possible. But, putting it off can make matters worse. Many people don’t get a colonoscopy until it is already too late.

    5. I Don’t Have Any Symptoms.

    Even if you do not have any symptoms, if you are older than 50, you still need to get a colonoscopy. Having a polyp in your colon may not be noticeable at all. You could still go about your daily life and have no digestion issues but still have polyps forming in your colon. You could be the most healthy person you know, but if you are over 50, you should still take the time to get a colonoscopy.

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